Touchy-feely. Hunters expected at the Espace Monestié

This Sunday, January 19th, the 31st All-Collections Exchange will take place at the Espace Monestié in Plaisance-du-Touch, from 9 am to 6 pm.The members of the Amicale philatélique et cartophile organize this scholarship which is free of charge.This year, it will bring together around fifty exhibitors from the region and the surrounding area, collectors who are attentive to enquiries from the public, taking pleasure in talking about their passion, and regular exhibitors who “find here good exchanges and a public of collectors in search of rarity to complete their collection , who are there from the opening”.The organisers, members of the Amicale, are setting up 250 metres of tables for the day so that the exhibitors have room to display everything that can be collected, perfume bottles, minerals and fossils, coins, stamps, key rings, antique toys and books, old papers, records, newspapers, postcards and telephone cards, champagne muzzles, coins, medals…The list is not exhaustive, as the collections are so different and original.

According to the organizers, “over the years there are more and more requests from exhibitors and a growing public attendance, with collectors who want to see what they buy, who turn away from websites, and more and more curious people who discover, hunt and hope to find good deals.They are sometimes surprised because they thought they would find a garage sale, which is not the case” The enthusiasts of the town’s philatelic and cartophile association will have a stand to display their collections of stamps and postcards, including some old cards from Plaisance-du-Touch.The Amicale philatélique et cartophile is very active, the next event will be a large stamp exhibition planned for mid-May.